Punky Brewster’s Video Cooking Blog Is Very Disappointing


When you see a headline like “‘Punky Brewster,’ Mother Of Two, Has A Cooking Blog,” you click on it. This has, after all, been a good week for celebrity food blogs — Steve Albini’s newly buzzy effort is a thrilling mix of Italian cooking tales and classic Albini-style ranting. Would Soleil Moon Frye’s video version measure up?

Friends, it does not. Gothamist reports that the blog, Her Say, is mostly a marketing vehicle, with 40 of 72 two- to four-minute episodes pushing Kraft products. And when they’re not pushing macaroni and cheese, it looks like Frye and her co-host, Jennifer Brandt, will be dishing days-old gossip like a depressingly sober version of Kathie Lee and Hoda. Punky, why? (Is it because of this?)