Daily Poll: Crazy Like a Foxx…


Disclosure: we’re not big Miley Cyrus fans around here. That said, when stumbled on this story about Jamie Foxx’s anti-Miley tirade on his Sirius radio show, we felt sorry for the little pop tart. Yet again. While Foxx’s take on the Radiohead drama was spot on (“She’s going to ruin Radiohead’s career? The same Radiohead that gets paid a million dollars just to sample their song? That Radiohead?”), MTV reports that he referred to 16-year-old Cyrus as the girl “with all the gums,” and suggested that she grow up, become a lesbian, make a sex tape, and “catch Chlamydia on a bicycle seat.” Someone in the group also called Cyrus a “little white bitch.”

He has since apologized, admitting that “sometimes, as comedians, as we do, we go a little bit too far.” (Note: His long-delayed movie, The Soloist comes out April 24. Maybe this was just a misguided attempt to drum up a little buzz?) But Billy Ray is still super-pissed. And all we keep thinking is, slightly annoying superstar with two personas or not, she’s still a 16 year old kid. He’s 41.

So, what we’re wondering is: