Mmmm…Pancakes…Nom Nom Nom [Food Songs]


Your lunch is long gone, the work day is almost over (or maybe that’s just us), and that that rumble in your stomach isn’t calling out for art. Admit it: you’re hungry son. After the jump, three more hilariously food-obsessed videos to download just in time for dinner (including a doozy of a Taco Bell commercial featuring Johnny Cash).

There’s a “Ring of Fire” joke in here somewhere…

Good. But write a song about a Kentacohut, and we’ll really be impressed.

This is so much better than “Whip It”.

The Davy Crockett hat! The tongue flick! The fact that they even eat the sign!

Now, let the smorgasbord begin. Add your favorite songs about food in the comments, OK?