Gallery: Album Covers as Incredibly Detailed Bento Box Lunches


You may have noticed that we’re big fans of obsessive and obscure personal art projects here at Flavorpill — and that’s probably why our eyes bugged out when Dangerous Minds pointed us to Jacket Lunch Box, the blog of a Japanese gent who’s devoting quite a bit of time to precisely recreating album covers in the form of bento box lunches. He’s done a whopping 221 of them so far. The edible playlist includes everyone from Radiohead to The Clash to The Beatles, but our favorite is most definitely a certain iconic (in some circles) Jim O’Rourke cover. Check out ten bentos we loved after the jump, and be sure to page through Jacket Lunch Box to see a couple hundred more.

Radiohead — Kid A

The Clash — London Calling

KISS — The Kids Are Alright

Bad Brains — Bad Brains

Jim O’Rourke — Eureka

Primal Scream — Screamadelica

The Beatles — Help!

Cyndi Lauper — Twelve Deadly Cyns

Wilco — A Ghost Is Born

Songs for Japan