Friday Afternoon Time Waster: Movie Trailer Bingo


In case you haven’t noticed, readers, today is Friday. We made it! But we still have to wait out our jobs for a few more hours until it’s time to run screaming into the streets like those crazy, new college graduates we’ve been seeing around town these past few days. The only way to pass the time is to play on the internet, and the folks at Entertainment Weekly have offered up the perfect toy: Movie Trailer Bingo. EW waxes philosophical about the form, noting, “Trailers are the perfect medium for our relentlessly meta moment: Witness the rise of the Fake Trailer as a cultural force, sometimes deconstructive, sometimes aspirational.” While we agree, we also prefer not to overthink it this late in the work week. So if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to peruse the trailers for today’s releases, bingo card in hand.

Click here for a bigger version.