Gallery: Logan Hicks's Film Noir Cityscapes


On a day as hot as the one we’re enduring on the East Coast, there’s little we can do but hide in our air-conditioned office until the sun goes down. So, as we daydream about the city at night, we’re thankful to MocoLoco for tipping us off about the New York City-based artist Logan Hicks, who creates shadowy, multi-layered scenes of the world’s metropolises after dark. Using stencils and spray paint as his primary tools, Hicks’s images are both photorealistic and surreal, rendering both beautiful architecture and urban decay with the danger and romance of film noir. See some of our favorite pieces, from Mercer Street bathed in yellow light to a desolate stretch of street lamps, after the jump. New Yorkers can check out Hicks’s work in person at the Opera Gallery, where his show Pretty Ugly opened last week.

Logan Hicks, Twilight, 48” x 36” [All images via]

Logan Hicks, Black & White Night, 24” x 36”

Logan Hicks, Between Night & Day, 4′ x 6′

Logan Hicks, Baltimore Alley, 18” x 24”

Logan Hicks, Norway Nights 2 (Purple), 18” x 24”

Logan Hicks, Faint Memory, 3′ x 2′

Logan Hicks, Insight, 2′ x 3′

Logan Hicks, Athens Alley, 2′ x 3′

Logan Hicks, Silent, 2′ x 3′

Logan Hicks, Norway Nights 3 (Blue), 24” x 18”