Video of the Day: An Exhaustive Supercut of Tarantino’s Film References In Kill Bill


We all know that Quentin Tarantino has seen more movies than us. He’s probably seen more movies than everyone on the face of the earth. Put together. It’s also common knowledge that his films are chock full of references to old and obscure movies – every once in a while we catch one and get that warm insidery feeling we all know and love. But we had no idea just how many references Tarantino could fit into just one of his films. This video, edited by Robert Grigsby Wilson as part of a series called “Everything is a Remix” contains a truly mind-boggling number of side by side references, and also kind of just makes us want to watch Kill Bill again. We have no idea if this is actually every single reference from Kill Bill. But it sure feels like it. Click through to watch.

[via kottke]