The 20 Best Sketches from This Season of ‘SNL’


Everyone we know has a love/hate relationship with Saturday Night Live. We moan that the comedians are not as good as they once were and that the writing is toothless and safe, but we still watch every weekend, cheer for our favorite hosts, and delight in dissecting the good from the bad. Now that the 36th season of SNL has officially drawn to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the best skits from this season to give ourselves a few more cheap laughs to hold us over until the fall. Click through to see our highly subjective list — unlike some people we know, we hate What Up With That? and swoon for musical numbers of almost any kind, so be prepared — and feel free to chime in in the comments to let us know which of your favorites of this season we’ve missed!

20. Pregnant in Heels, Episode 20

Even if you didn’t know what they were mocking, this Bravo send-up was still pretty hilarious thanks to Abby Elliott’s bimbo act and good one-liner writing.

19. Message from TSA, Episode 7

This one was timely, but its icky premise holds up months later when we’re still getting ‘randomly screened’ at the airport.

18. Mom’s on Facebook, Episode 3

Sure, it’s no Mom Translator, but you gotta love it.

17. The Miley Cyrus Show, Episode 2

The first-ever installment of The Miley Cyrus Show made us snicker pleasantly. Vanessa Bayer’s Miley isn’t necessarily spot-on, but she definitely captures the feel of the starlet, and host Bryan Cranston is excellent as daughter-worshipping Billy Ray Cyrus.

16. Digital Short: I Broke My Arm, Episode 4

Just absurd. When the grape jelly starts singing? Absurd.

15. GOP Debate, Episode 20

We admit, we’re suckers for Fey’s Sarah Palin. Another well-written short, full of somehow-still-satisfying zingers like Fey’s nasally “I just hope tonight the lamestream media won’t twist my words by repeating them verbatim.”

14. Digital Short: Relaxation Therapy, Episode 3

As far as we’re concerned, Jane Lynch can do no wrong, but this was particularly good. It’s creepy in the best way, and while the sight gag at the end may be cheap, but we bought it hook line and sinker. And we’ll stand by that.

13. Digital Short: 3-Way (The Golden Rule), Episode 22

Like all second sequels, the third iteration of JT/Andy Samberg ’90s bro act shows the joy of the act beginning to waver. That said, they’re still singing about having a threesome with a super decked out Lady Gaga. Can’t hate that.

12. Digital Short: What Was That?, Episode 6

Ah, the distressed cries of disenchanted MUN nerds.

11. The Ambiguously Gay Duo, Episode 21

A welcome comeback for a cherished classic spot — though intrinsically pretty inane, it still makes the list for its epic guest stars and sheer element of surprise.

10. What’s That Name?, Episode 9

So painful. So good.

9. British Movie, Episode 15

Okay, okay, so we know (though the SNL producers may have forgotten) that Snatch came out in 2000. It’s still relevant! Seriously though, we know it is, because we still found this hilarious, even if it was only a vehicle for Russell Brand to make a bunch of noises and hop about.

Digital Short: 8. Zach Looks For a New Assistant, Episode 17

Zach Galifianakis. Room full of children. Need we say more?

7. Black Swan, Episode 11

This is pure physical comedy from Jim Carrey, but after leaving Black Swan with our shoulders up to our ears, obsessively protecting our cuticles, it was a welcome catharsis.

6. Weekend Update: Really with Seth and Amy, Episode 1

“Let’s repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It’s gay not to.” Brill.

5. Digital Short: The Creep, Episode 13

John Waters and Nicki Minaj joining the Lonely Island for a song about being a creeper? We may love John Waters more than your average bear, but even a layman would have to admit, it doesn’t get too much better than that.

4. Digital Short: I Just Had Sex, Episode 10

As catchy as it is on its own, this song is made by Jessica Alba’s frowning face as she gives the big thumbs down.

3. The Bride of Blackenstein, Episode 13

This send-up of blaxploitation films fits Nicki Minaj’s personality completely. Plus, who can resist Jesse Eisenberg as the hunchback assistant?

2. Digital Short: Ronnie & Clyde, Episode 5

As much as we loved the original Shy Ronnie Digital Short, this is a rare occasion when the retread is even better, and Jon Hamm’s cameo is well appreciated.

1. Weekend Update: Stefon, Episode 20

Stefon is the best thing to happen to SNL in recent history, and though they’ve been running him to death, the schtick still hasn’t gotten old. We attribute it to the joy of seeing the comedians lose it at their own jokes — oh, and the Seth Meyers love interest. That kiss was improvised, by the way. Stefonnnnnn!