WTF of the Day: Marx, Mao, Lenin and Thoreau Action Figures


No idea what to get your kid brother/niece/new neighbors for that upcoming holiday? Need to decorate your mantle with a tasteful yet worldly display? Well, Japanese company Mountain Research has just the thing for you: a set of limited edition Mountain Men figures featuring “four global revolutionaries:” Chairman Mao, Karl Marx, Lenin and Thoreau. These are clearly men who need action figures created out of them. Think of all the scenarios you could play out bouncing the four personalities off one another! Actually, we can only think of one scenario: nuclear holocaust.

At the website where the figures are sold, they are described thusly: “Mao Zedong (commonly known as Chairman Mao), a Chinese revolutionary and Guerrilla warfare strategist; Karl Marx, a German philosopher and revolutionary socialist; Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, a Russian revolutionary and political philosopher; Henry David Thoreau, an American author and poet.”

While they’re spot on about Thoreau, we think calling Lenin a “Russian revolutionary and political philosopher” is putting it rather mildly. Not to mention – why would anyone think poor Thoreau fits in this group? We also have other questions, such as: is Mao hitchhiking? Is Thoreau actually Abe Lincoln? Are they machine washable? Why Mountain Men? If you can answer any of these questions, please let us know in the comments.

Buy them here.

[via Lapham’s Quarterly]