Crying Ballerinas, Disposable Pavilions, & Hot Vampire Posters [Morning Links]


Books: Deadwood actor Jim Beaver’s stunning memoir of loss [via Jacket Copy] Dance/Opera: Being a Merce Cunningham ballerina makes you cry [via TONY] Design: Zaha Hadid’s pop-up Chicago eco-pavilion [via Inhabitat] Film: Slumdog filmmakers donate $743,000 to slum kiddies [via The Times] Music: The Pirate Bay get a year in prison and $3.6m fine. [via Boing Boing] Television: True Blood‘s hot campaign for Season Two [via THR] Theatre: Next to Normal gets the awards shaft [via Arts Beat] Visual Arts: Got 10K? Invest in a Banksy. [via Bloomberg] Web: Ashton Kutcher beats CNN in Twitter showdown [via CNN]