50 New Yorkers, One Leather Jacket [Photo Gallery + Giveaway]


Any New Yorker befitting his battle-ax knows that miles below the city lays a realm that orcs fear to enter. Spilling pits of fiery steel, master workers toil endlessly, raising altars to the dead heroes of Asgarth. While we’ve never plumbed this most metal of realms ourselves, former Flavorpill editor Gerry Mak is a long-time inhabitant: his black metal show, Raise your Horns to Asgarth, slays Viva Radio every week. In honor of American Apparel’s new, craven image of his likeness, Flavorwire’s resident outdoor adventurers Leah and Andy sought glory above ground, tapping the hidden power of music intern/folk-metal missionary Wolcott the Warrior. The quest? To get 50 New Yorkers to wear our heavy metal jacket and Raise THEIR Horns to Asgarth. VIEW THE PHOTO SET HERE

Think you’re as metal as Gerry Mak? Send us your best Horns shot (tips@flavorpill.com), and if it proves evil enough, you’ll win an Asgarth T-shirt of your own.