Justin Bieber’s Perfume Commercial Is Like ‘Twilight’ for Beliebers


Do you ever watch commercials for Axe Body Spray — like that ad where some dude douses himself in the cocoa-scented variety, turns into a big piece of chocolate, and women are all over him — and wonder why there isn’t a version of this magical, mate-trapping fragrance for the ladies? Well, fret no more. Justin Bieber is about to launch a perfume called Someday, and now there’s a commercial for it, and that commercial reaches deep inside the id of a tween girl to create the ultimate stereotypical romantic fantasy: Douse yourself in Someday and you’ll fly around the heavens with Bieber — just like Edward and Bella in Twilight! Then you guys will make out! Also, there is this interesting key-and-lock motif… Make of that what you will. The Someday bottle, meanwhile, is very reminiscent of Marc Jacobs’ Lola. Watch the ad and understand your 13-year-old cousin better after the jump.

[via Gawker]