What’s on at Flavorpill: Links that made the rounds in our office.


Today at Flavorpill we listened to this Lykke Li Kings of Leon cover on repeat. So pretty. We drooled over Kanye’s LV shoes and naked model gal pal. We enjoyed hearing a laser cutter take on the Super Mario theme. We started polishing our mini-golf clubs for the summer. We laughed way to hard at this joke from @heyitsnoah: “”Comic Sans walks into a bar, bartender says, ‘We don’t serve your type.'” We watched a tiny Seth Rogen do stand-up. We wondered if the #unfollowfriday tag on Twitter was real. It seems kind of mean. On the flip side, we were surprised by how nice Stereogum was about Mandy Moore’s upcoming album. Odd. We looked at Speidi’s wedding registry. We couldn’t help it. We cheered to hear that the actors and studios have reached a deal. No more shortened seasons! And finally, we loved to see Shaq giving Oprah a few online etiquette pointers. Now if he would only pass that same tip along to Kanye.