Video of the Day: Meet Haus of Gaga’s ‘Head Desyner’


Ever wonder about the shadowy figures who populate Lady Gaga’s Haus of Gaga — the designers who make her crazy costumes, create her whimsical stage sets, and generally manufacture the Gaga mystique? Well, thank MTV for bringing us this peek behind the sequined curtain at Pierre² Lafauxxx, the Haus’s “Head Desyner.” He wears a dog’s cone collar, squeezes toothpaste on hot dogs, owns an all-coat-hanger Alexander McQueen dress “from, like, 1812, when he was getting really into Cubism.” Yes, yes, if you haven’t guessed yet, it’s all fake. But it’s also hilarious. Watch what is supposedly the first in the series of videos after the jump.

[Payman Benz via UnBeige]