Watch an Awesome Promo for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ‘Ringer’


As hardcore Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans (seriously, guys, we even read the Season 8 comics), we’ve been pretty excited about Buffy’s — er, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s — upcoming return to prime-time in Ringer. And it seemed promising that Gellar was returning in the bad-ass dual role of twins caught up in crime and intrigue. But we didn’t know much more about the series until now.

The CW has released a satisfyingly substantive, three-minute trailer for Ringer. Now it’s clear that Gellar will spend most of her time in the role of Bridget, a recovering addict who think she’s the black swan of the family. But when her estranged twin, Siobhan, invites her back into her posh, perfect-looking life and then disappears off the side of a boat, Bridget takes over her identity — and begins to learn that her sister’s in scarier trouble than she’s ever seen. And yes, Buffy fans, it looks like we’ll have ample opportunity to watch our girl kick ass. Watch the promo and tell us if you’ll be watching after the jump.

[via TV Squad]