Your 10 Best Bets for Summer 2011 TV


It used to be that summer was a wasteland for the TV fans, with re-runs and bad movies filling up prime-time hours from June until September. But now that basic and premium cable provide as much of our entertainment as the broadcast networks, all three sectors have upped their game. So, while we’ve had to bid farewell to Parks and Recreation until the fall and Friday Night Lights forever, it’s not like we won’t have anything to watch during the warmer months. After the jump, peruse trailers and commit to memory the premiere dates for your best summer TV bets.

Million Dollar Decorators (Bravo) Premiere date: May 31

Franklin & Bash (TNT) Premiere date: June 1

The Glee Project (Oxygen) Premiere date: June 12

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) Premiere date: June 14

Burn Notice (USA) Premiere date: June 23

True Blood (HBO) Premiere date: June 26

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) Premiere date: July 10

Alphas (SyFy) Premiere date: July 11

Breaking Bad (AMC) Premiere date: July 17

Hell’s Kitchen (Fox) Premiere date: July 19