The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. We may have to wait until next year for the new season of Mad Men, but at least we’ll have an added enticement: Jon Hamm is set to direct the premiere. “I watched [John] Slattery do it, and he handled it with such grace and ability and ease… I figured if he can do it, shit, I can do it too,” Hamm joked. [via TVLine]

2. Courtney Love, who recently had a lot to say about heroin, sex, and Kurt Cobain’s anatomy, is being sued for libel by her former lawyer. Yes, it involves Twitter. [via The Wrap]

3. Speaking of substance abuse, Amy Winehouse is back in rehab — and she stopped to buy a mini-bottle of vodka on the way. [via Daily Mail]

4. Reviews are in for The Hangover Part II, which opened yesterday, and they’re not looking good. The sequel currently has a 46 out of 100 rating on Metacritic and a 32 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Eric Hynes at the Village Voice explains why it’s such a failure: “What’s surprising about Roman Numeral Two is how thoroughly unfunny it is. It’s so committed to being exactly what we expect it to be, and to thrusting harder against the envelope of bad taste, that it fails in this most basic sense.”

5. In case you were wondering, yes, Beyoncé‘s voice really is that good, even when Jay-Z captures her rehearsing in her dressing room on his iPhone. [via Gawker]

Bonus link: Guardian Music’s Power 100