What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we enjoyed The Awl’s history of the use of profanity at The New Yorker. We listened to the full version of Stephen Fry’s very entertaining Lady Gaga interview, which apparently happened over scones. We couldn’t deal with this photo of Snooki in a neck brace. We were excited by the latest installment of Lucy Knisley’s hilarious comics based off Harry Potter books. We oddly touched by footage of circus elephants pitching in to help clean up the wreckage in Joplin, Missouri. We weren’t really sure what to think of Porn Rental — a new comedy short about a video store patron in search of child pornography that stars Ben Schwartz and Michael C. Hall. We thought that Donald Sutherland was a good choice to play President Snow in The Hunger Games, although we’d been picturing more of a Ron Rifkin. We finally got a look at the upcoming season of Breaking Bad — and now we really can’t wait for July 17th! We wished that we could hang out with Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand on the set of Rock of Ages after seeing this photo. And finally, we wondered if the news that there will be two Coachellas this year means that the crowds will be more manageable. Probably not, but if you’re will to risk it, tickets go on sale this Friday.