5 Albums to Stream for Free This Week: Fucked Up, Arctic Monkeys


If you’re still struggling with the whole idea of being back at work after the Memorial Day long weekend -– and if so, to be honest, we can definitely relate –- then allow Flavorpill to ease your transition back into reality with a selection of fine music that you can stream online for absolutely nothing. We offer you a choice of post-hardcore rock opera, snappy English lit-pop, pastoral psychedelia, resurgent alt-country goodness, and, um, Eddie Vedder with a ukulele. Get involved after the jump.

Fucked Up — David Comes to Life

The new Fucked Up album David Comes to Life is streaming at a couple of places, namely Stereogum and NPR (we recommend clicking on the former link, for the simple reason that it doesn’t censor the band’s name). Either way, Fucked Up have always been more interesting than your average (post-) hardcore band, and the new album continues that streak -– there’s a narrative thread running through it that relates the story of a pair of doomed star-crossed lovers against the backdrop of 1980s Thatcherite England. Singer Pink Eyes’ guttural bark is, as ever, an acquired taste, but so long as you’re amenable to the experience of a large man shouting in your ear, the album makes for pretty great listening.

Arctic Monkeys — Suck It and See

Also fond of narrative songwriting are Arctic Monkeys, whose new album Suck It and See is streaming at their website. First impressions are that it’s definitely more pop-oriented than its predecessor Humbug, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Now that all the hype that surrounded the band when they emerged has died down, we can enjoy the band for what they are – a group blessed with a penchant for writing snappy, four-minute, guitar-based pop songs, and a fine lyricist to boot.

Woods — Sun and Shade

On a more psychedelic tip, the new Woods album, Sun and Shade, is streaming via Pitchfork offshoot Altered Zones. If, like us, you’re still battling the remnants of a monumental post-Memorial Day hangover, then the gently spaced-out sounds of this record could be just the ticket. We like it a great deal.

Eddie Vedder — Ukulele Songs

For anyone who missed it (and really truly wants to hear Eddie Vedder channeling Tiny Tim), Vedder’s solo album Ukulele Songs is streaming via NPR. First Amanda Palmer, now Eddie Vedder… what’s with the whole ukulele business? We’re mystified. Anyway, you can listen here.

My Morning Jacket — Circuital

And finally, the new My Morning Jacket album, entitled Circuital, is streaming via Spinner. The band also did a live webcast one of their characteristically epic live performances last night as part of the Unstaged series -– you can see a series of highlights at their website, where you can also get a free MP3 from the album. Result.