Photo Gallery: Five Professional Photographers on a Road Trip


Last month, Alec Soth and four other Magnum photographers took a road trip for a group project Postcards From America. They’ve traveled from San Antonio to Oakland, shooting all the way: a clown captured in a Bisbee bar, a double rainbow over Tuscon suburbs, deteriorated strip club signs on the edges of Vegas. They’ve wandered into restricted territories where Soth was almost impaled a wild animal. They’ve witnessed first-hand the heartbreaking social dramas at the the US/Mexican border near El Paso. We’ve traced back their travels and pulled a few memorable moments from their road journal. Kind of makes you want to pack up your gear and wander on, doesn’t it?

Las Vegas, NV. Photo credit: Alec Soth

Isaac, a 30 yrs old man in his home. Las Cruces, New Mexico, US. Photo credit: Paolo Pellegrin

Two men, who illegally attempted to enter the US, run across the dry Rio Grande river back to Juarez, Mexico after being spotted by the US Border Patrol. El Paso, Texas. Photo credit: Paolo Pellegrin

Mexican border near El Paso. Photo credit: Jim Goldberg

Joshua is currently in a safe house in El Paso. Photo credit: Jim Goldberg

Brigitte, Mime and Hysterical Society, Bisbee. Photo credit: Mikhael Subotzky

Still haunted by Tuscon when in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Susan Mieselas

Remembering El Paso, now that we’ve arrived in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Susan Mieselas

Sweat Lodge, Tucson. Photo credit: Mikhael Subotzky

The picture that almost killed me. PS. I’d rather be impaled by this fricking unicorn than drop a $30,000 Hasselblad. Photo credit: Alec Soth

Double Rainbow, Tucson. Photo credit: Alec Soth

Marisa in her home in barrio Sobaco at the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona. Photo credit: Paolo Pellegrin