Watch a Supercut of the 100 Greatest Movie Threats


In real life, watching someone get a threat tossed their way is usually a pretty unpleasant experience, but it can be thrilling when you’re seeing it happen on the big screen — perhaps because the people involved aren’t real. Lucky for us then that Harry Hanrahan (of 100 Greatest Move Insults of All Time , The Other 100 Greatest Movie Quotes and Nicolas Cage: Losing His Sh*t fame) is back this week with his latest supercut. Click through to watch it now (provided that you’ve got a pair of headphones handy), or else tomorrow we come back and we cut off your johnson.

A list of all of the movies included:

The Limey Law Abiding Citizen Cape Fear Fargo Scarface Back to the Future Part III Tombstone Coogan’s Bluff They Live Laughing Policeman The Dead Pool Casino Full Metal Jacket Major Payne In the Loop Good Morning Vietnam Midnight Run The Departed The Big Lebowski The Blues Brothers Coming to America Punch-Drunk Love Goodfellas Casino Carlito’s Way Kill Bill Sudden Impact Pulp Fiction Way of the Gun Scream Trading Places The Running Man Full Metal Jacket A Few Good Men Smokey and the Bandit Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Speed Gangs of New York Miller’s Crossing Blue Velvet Wild at Heart The Wizard of Oz The Long Kiss Goodnight The Shining Anchorman The Man Tank Girl Diner Mulan The Goonies In the Loop Team America: World Police New Jack City Training Day Robocop Animal House Harvey Talladega Nights The Warriors Rocky IV Matchstick Men Way of the Gun The Big Lebowski Stand By Me Commando The Shawshank Redemption Welcome to Collinwood The Long Kiss Goodnight Anchorman Step Brothers Tommy Boy Home Alone Sexy Beast Robocop Monty Python and the Holy Grail The Breakfast Club From Dusk Till Dawn The Untouchables Unforgiven The Prophecy True Romance Casino Payback Inglourious Basterds Ripley’s Game Way of the Gun Pulp Fiction Home Alone Con Air American History X Man On Fire Taken Patriot Games Tropic Thunder There Will Be Blood Dead Man’s Shoes Robocop Rambo: First Blood Predator Hard to Kill