Rhetorical Questions Inspired By the Weekend Box Office


1. 17 Again: $24.1 million Could Matthew Perry BE any luckier? Side note: We were going to reference that horrible chimpanzee movie he did, but then we realized that was Matt LeBlanc. Bygones. 2. State of Play: $14.1 million How much does Russell Crowe want to hurl a phone at Zac Efron’s tender little head right now? 3. Monsters Vs. Aliens: $12.9 million Do you think people like this Seth Rogen movie more than Observe and Report because they can’t see that he’s no longer fat? Or is it the lack of rape? 4. Hannah Montana: The Movie: $12.6 million Will Jamie Foxx’s crazy music man movie make this much money over the course of its entire run? We hope not. 5. Fast & Furious: $12.2 million How does the fact that this has already grossed $136 million make you feel? We feel kinda dirty. And sad that this means more of this franchise.