Do All Comedians Have Funny Gravestones?


Naked Gun star Leslie Nielsen died back in November, and now his gravestone has been unveiled. As Vulture points out, the otherwise small, tasteful plaque bears the legend, “Let ‘er rip.” Although we’re rarely taken in by fart jokes, we have to admit, we laughed when we saw it. Nielsen’s witty grave marker also got us thinking — how many other famous comedians have been so committed to humor that even their epitaph is a quip? We round up the (surprisingly sedate) memorials to our favorite dearly departed comedians, from Lucille Ball and Lenny Bruce to Bernie Mac and Bill Hicks after the jump. The best one, as far as we’re concerned, is John Belushi’s.

Leslie Nielsen [Sun-Sentinel via Vulture]

Lenny Bruce

George Burns and Gracie Allen

Bernie Mac

Lucille Ball

Bill Hicks

Andy Kaufman

Redd Foxx

Gilda Radner [via]

John Belushi