Gallery: Art Inspired by 'Wet Hot American Summer'


Our favorite pop culture-obsessed art space, Gallery 1988, have mounted groups shows inspired by everything from Watership Down to John Hughes films. But now that school is out, they’ve taken on the beloved cult summer-camp movie, Wet Hot American Summer. The Funny or Die-approved Camp Firewood opens June 10th at Gallery 1988 Venice, but several images from the show have already made their way onto the web. Click through to preview some hilarious works. Those expecting “dick cream” references will not be disappointed.

Aaron Jasinski, Twenty Sides of Salvation [via]

Danielle Buerli [via]

Ben Walker [via]

Megan Stratman [via]

Michael Weinstein [via]

Jude Buffum, Dick Cream Stick Team [via]

Rich Pellegrino, Wet Hot Counselors [via]

Jesse Riggle [via]

Jayson Weidel

Bonus: Glenn Brogan, Wet Hot American Summer, from Gallery 1988’s comedy-themed show Is This Thing On?, which took place earlier this year. [via]