Breaking News (To Us): Have Your Portrait Drawn by Michel Gondry


File this under STFU: Oscar-winning director Michel Gondry is now selling signed caricatures for $19.95 via his adorable Web site. You email him a pic and then 6 to 8 weeks later, you get the best present ever in the mail. Or maybe we’re just obsessed with the idea because our mom would never let us get one when we were little because she said the artist would just play up our worst features. Well, caution be damned, we want one NOW. Maybe we’ll just have to stalk him again. The site also has T-shirts featuring artwork by his son Paul for sale and a Disasterology Calendar based on a prop from the Science of Sleep which won’t be accurate again until 2018. Ah! Make the superfluous cuteness stop! (PS. Is this yet another sign of the recession? Probably. But it’s the first one that actually makes us happy.)

More about it here and here. We were a little late to the twee party on this one.