Gallery: Blondie Guitarist Photographs CBGB's Last Gasp


Blondie guitarist, artist, and all-around awesome New York personality Chris Stein has more of a claim on CBGB’s history than almost anyone. So when Dangerous Minds pointed us to Stein’s pictures from the club’s last days, in October 2006, we couldn’t wait to see CBGB through the eyes of someone who has become a part of its legend. His photos capture the famously disgusting bathrooms, layers of band stickers and graffiti, and that iconic awning — but they also get personal, showing CBGB proprietor Hilly Kristal at his desk, the dressing room, and the crumbling stage as it’s being disassembled and hauled away. Page through some of our favorite shots, with Stein’s captions included, after the jump. Then click over to Stein’s website to see more — and be sure to check out some more of his work while you’re there. Unless you aren’t interested in seeing a photo of Debbie Harry having a beer with H.R. Giger…

Chris Stein, “stage”

Chris Stein, “floor in front of the stage… awesome!”

Chris Stein, “looking down stairs”

Chris Stein, “girls room”

Chris Stein, “boys room”

Chris Stein, “every photographer has this shot”

Chris Stein, “dressing room”

Chris Stein, “patch bay”

Chris Stein, “Hilly”

Chris Stein, “stage almost gone”

Chris Stein, “the mural behind the bar, Hilly knew these guys names”

Chris Stein, “again”

Chris Stein, “over where Hilly was sitting”

Chris Stein, “the front”

Chris Stein, “after awning was removed the last few days”