Video of the Day: Dating Dos & Don'ts from 1949


Not sure what to do if a random chance to go on a date falls in your lap? This instructional dating video from 1949 will tell you! Gee, it used to be swell how teenagers got voiceover films explaining all the problems in their lives out for them. Now no one tells those rascals anything except how fun it is on the Jersey shore. The video offers some important lessons for both boys and girls. Boys: when choosing a date, know that pretty girls are terrible, and polite girls are boring. But the perfect girl “knows how to have a good time, and how to make the fellow with her relax, have fun too. Yes — that’s what a boy likes.” We’ll bet it is. Girls: just make sure to be a cheap date so you’ll be asked out again. That seems right. Watch the video after jump.

[via Huffington Post]