Five of the Worst Raps by Celebrities


Some rappers can dive right into the acting world; Ice T is lovely as a detective, Ludacris (errm, Christopher Bridges) was good in Crash, and once upon a time, before he was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith rapped. The opposite isn’t usually true. If you can’t flow, don’t flow, please. With that in mind, after the jump and in no particular order, a look at five of the worst celebrity rap attempts.

1. Alice Cooper, with a rock career spanning more than 40 years, took the advice of Solid Rock to get kids off the street and filmed this rap video to help their cause. We like his dance moves.

2. Here’s Ed McMahon, down on his luck after going bankrupt, joined with to produce a series of silly, publicity videos. If he came to our door rapping, we’d give him the big check back and run away.

3. This one probably isn’t fair. At the time, 1987, RUN DMC was huge and getting huger, so the movie people behind Dragnet probably went to Hanks & Aykroyd and told them they had to do this rap. For what its worth, outside of some terrible dance moves and so-so lyrics, Tom Hanks could apply to be a Beastie Boy (intern).

4. After his wrestling career and Slim Jim successes, the Macho Man Randy Savage never forgot his rivalry with Hulk Hogan, tearing him apart in this video (phone commercials, ouch).

5. Any list of celebrities rapping would be incomplete without Joaquin Phoenix. He’s been filming a “documentary” with Casey Affleck about his rap career ever since he quit acting. It’s been confirmed and denied that it is just a hoax.