Is Rachel Maddow the Web Geek’s News Anchor?


A post on the NEW YORK TIMES’ TV DECODER blog applauds MSNBC newbie RACHEL MADDOW as a web-savvy cable host because she Twitters, leaves comments on blogs, creates YouTube videos and knows all about Technorati searches.

She has even got a highly-ranked podcast.

In other words, she’s the anti-McCain.

Maddow, who claims that she lives online, has doubled the audience for their 9 p.m. hour since starting on September 8th. And she doesn’t even own a TV.

What we’re wondering is if Maddow 2.0 is such a fan of the Internets, are web geeks the viewers responsible for her solid ratings?

Any there any World of Warcraft players who are willing to chime in?