A Few More Websites-Turned-Movies We'd Like to See


First it was Facebook. Now, indie types the world over are giggling over the news that underground auteurs-turned-mainstream filmmakers Mark and Jay Duplass have written a script called Pitchfork. As The LA Times describes it, the movie is about “the middle-aged mother of an indie rocker who, after her son is killed in a car accident, seeks vengeance on an online blogger who had peddled snark about her son (on the music site Pitchfork, hence one of the title’s entendres).” Yeah, we’d see it. Ten more websites-turned-movies we’d like to see are after the jump.

Tumblr: Adorable, glasses-wearing girl follows adorable, glasses-wearing boy. He follows her back and reblogs the photo she found of Liz Phair, ca. 1993, adding the message, “Marry me.” Reader, she says “yes.”

Twitter: Charming loner teaches bird to talk in 140-character spurts; highly evolved fowl rallies other birds to lift beached whale to safety. By Pixar.

Google: Superhero clad in red, green, yellow, and blue becomes ever more powerful in its quest to save (or is that take over?) the world. His rallying cry: “Don’t be evil.”

YouTube: Deranged Barry Manilow video poster shows up, boombox in one hand and shotgun in the other, at the home of some guy who called him a “faggot” on the Internet.

Gawker: Upstart blogger is swept into a maze of political corruption, sexual intrigue, and hardcore caffeine addiction. When a colleague disappears after being lured into a flame war in the comments on one of her posts, he steps away from the keyboard to track her down. A Bright Lights, Big City for our times!

McSweeney’s: 30-something literary couple living in tree-lined Brooklyn neighborhood begin to drift apart after she scores a six-figure book deal. Suddenly, all he can do is loll about in the park, soulful brown eyes turned to the limitless heavens, daydreaming about the miscarriage that could have been his son.

Netflix: This mumblecore-style riff on Buñuel follows four bourgeois roommates who plan to go out to a party but find they are physically unable to stop watching episodes of Veronica Mars.

Craigslist: Serial killer unknowingly arranges date with another serial killer. Hilarity ensues.

eBay: The Carrie Bradshaw of Kalamazoo, MI can have anything she wants if she’ll only bid high enough — anything, that is, except true love.

4chan: In this Alice in Wonderland-inspired thriller, a nerdy 14-year-old boy chases a gaggle of talking cats down a wormhole and finds himself trapped in an increasingly terrifying labyrinth of kiddie porn.