The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. That free Black Eyed Peas concert that was supposed to happen in Central Park last night to raise money for the Robin Hood Foundation was cancelled because of the weather, making an estimated 60,000 people really mad. Given the fact that has been forgetting his own lyrics lately, maybe this was a blessing in disguise. [via ArtsBeat]

2. 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan is in hot water again over some seriously homophobic material in a recent stand-up performance in Nashville. A sample from his act: “Gays need to quit being pussies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying.” According to TMZ, Morgan later told the crowd, “[I don’t] fucking care if I piss off some gays, because if they can take a fucking dick up their ass… they can take a fucking joke.” Lovely.

3. The union that represents theater directors is suing Spider-Man: Turn Off for an estimated $300,000 in unpaid royalties owed to Julie Taymor. Considering that she worked on the project for nine years, and the show — which hasn’t even officially opened yet — is making more than $1 million at the box office every week, we think the producers can afford to make good. [via CNBC]

4. Warren Beatty told a crowd at the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival last night that he’s planning to make a sequel to his 1990 film Dick Tracy. As long as Madonna agrees to reprise her role as Breathless Mahoney, we’re game. [via Slashfilm]

5. After leaving Brown earlier this year to focus on Harry Potter and other projects, Emma Watson is reportedly enrolling at Oxford University. [via Contactmusic]

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