5 Albums to Stream for Free This Week: Bon Iver, Deerhunter


Another week, another bunch of album preview streaming on the internet. If, like us, you were out a little too late last night celebrating the Mavs beating the Heat, then you’ll most likely be in the market for the gentle sounds of the new Bon Iver album (although perhaps not for his Bruce Hornsby moment). There’s also a Deerhunter live album, a killer full-length debut from Com Truise, and new records from Sons and Daughters and Jill Scott to be heard. And a bonus for Beatles fans. Click through to get a piece of the the action.

Bon Iver — Bon Iver

Perhaps the biggest release streaming this week is the new, self-titled Bon Iver album, which is available at several locations, including via the Guardian, NME, and NPR. The album isn’t a huge departure from the sound of the starkly beautiful For Emma, Forever Ago, although the arrangements are more filled out this time around (particularly for final track “Beth/Rest,” which Justin Vernon has described – apparently with complete sincerity – as his Bruce Hornsby moment).

Com Truise — Galactic Melt

Perhaps less prominent but arguably more exciting is this week’s feature album at the Hype Machine, the full-length debut of New Jersey producer Com Truise (who we foolishly forgot to include in our roundup of bands with celebrity-inspired names). The album is called Galactic Melt, and is the sort of thing that goes down very nicely indeed chez Flavorwire – spacey, burbling analog synths, weird metallic noises, and some pretty thumping beats. We are liking it a great deal and highly recommend giving it a listen here.

Deerhunter’s Rhapsody Originals session

Elsewhere, a link to a new live album from the endlessly prolific Deerhunter was posted on Pitchfork a couple of days back. Unlike the ‘Fork, who describe the band as a “a force to be reckoned with when it comes to live performances,” we’ve never actually been big fans of Deerhunter’s live show – the relentlessness of it all is the musical equivalent of having a large man punch you in the head repeatedly. But either way, you can make up your own mind and listen to the live album in full via Rhapsody.

Sons and Daughters — Mirror Mirror

Also at the Guardian is Mirror Mirror, the new album by largely underrated and most excellent Scots four-piece Sons and Daughters. The album was produced by JD Switch of similarly excellent Glasgow DJ duo Optimo, and it’s got a decidedly goth/early electro flavor to it. By the looks of the page’s comments section, pretty much everyone hates it, but what do they know? We’re quite partial to it. Listen here.

Jill Scott — The Light of the Sun

NPR has a couple of worthy new releases this week – as well as the Bon Iver album, there’s Jill Scott, whose somewhat earnest neo-soul/spoken word hybrid formula remains unchanged for her latest album The Light of the Sun. Unlike most NPR releases, you only get the option to listen to this from start to finish – but if you’re a fan, you’ll most likely want to do that anyway. In any case, the album is here.

Bonus link: All the people who get all riled up every time we say anything that’s remotely uncomplimentary about the Beatles will be delighted to know that there are not one but two Paul McCartney albums streaming at Spinner.