Angelina’s Franchise, A Faux Michelangelo, & Mike Tyson’s Comeback [Morning Links]


Finally a female franchise?: Angelina Jolie is set to play Patricia Cromwell’s “crusty opera-loving coroner” Dr. Kay Scarpetta in what should turn out to be a series of films. We’re not sure this bodes well; we prefer her in action and/or crazy roles. And the commercials for Cromwell’s books always creep us out. Regardless, FOX has bought the rights to all 16 books featuring the character, meaning this could have an even longer shelf life than Saw if everyone plays their cards right. [Via Guardian]

A former lab partner of the Craigslist killer speaks out: Behind Philip Markoff’s perfectly normal veneer? Mood swings and “seemingly intractable depressions,” according to Tiffany B. Montgomery, the med student who had considered alerting Boston University School of Medicine counselors about his behavior. Not that a case of the sads explains looking for women on Craigslist, binding them with plastic ties, and robbing them at gunpoint. [Via Boston Globe]

Mike Tyson wants back in the spotlight: Remember that Sundance documentary about Mike Tyson? Well, it’s about to open nationwide, and the controversial figure wants you to forgive him: “We all make mistakes. I just hope that if I’m in some quagmire again, it wouldn’t be for the exact same reasons as [last time around]. I’d hope it would be for different issues. I’ve learned from my past.” If he really wants people to like him again, he should just tell them to watch the trailer for The Hangover. [Via NYDN]

Mama Mia!: Just what Italy’s Culture Ministry doesn’t want to hear after they shelled out $4.2 million for “a sixteen-inch sculpture of a crucified Christ” by one of the greats: It’s probably a fake because there are no documents linking Michelangelo to the work and his biographers haven’t heard of it. A bit of advice guys: Do your research before making a big purchase like this. It’s not Ikea furniture. [Via Vulture]

Matt Drudge, national man of mystery?: The bigger his site traffic gets (and we’re talking 20 million hits a day folks), the more he retreats from public life like a modern-day Howard Hughes. Is going underground an attempt to have a personal life? Or is he just following Rush Limbaugh’s advice? Has he run out of fedoras? Ah! [Via TNR]