Dan Deacon vs the Ambiguously Lame Duo [Blind Item]


Baltimore music king Dan Deacon has a bone to pick with a certain unnamed act. The electronic maestro — known for his elaborate stage shows and recent incorporation of numerous live musicians — told the Onion‘s A.V. Club he has little patience for artists who fail to innovate, tantalizingly singling out the mystery group in the process.

“If you’ve become a huge act and you’re still doing the same music you wrote with your friends when you were making zero dollars, you’re lazy. There’s one duo in particular — they’ll remain nameless — that tours with a ton of fake gear, and that pisses me off,” says Deacon.

We have our own ideas about who he may be referring to, but we want to know what you think. Give us your best guess as to where Deacon’s finger is pointing, along with any supporting evidence, in the comments.