RIP Gunnar Fischer: Great Stills by Ingmar Bergman’s Cinematographer


You may not know the name Gunnar Fischer, but if you’re a film buff, chances are you’ve appreciated his work. The cinematographer, who died in Stockholm this week at 100, was Ingmar Bergman’s director of photography between 1948 and 1960 — meaning he was behind the camera for some of Bergman’s best movies, including Smiles of a Summer Night, Wild Strawberries, and The Seventh Seal. As Movieline points out, Fischer is less widely praised than Bergman’s next cinematographer, Sven Nykvist. But Fischer’s often shadowy, psychologically rich images deserve to be celebrated. In his honor, we’ve collected some of our favorite stills from his collaboration with Bergman.

Port of Call, 1948

Thirst, 1949

To Joy, 1950

Summer Interlude, 1951

Secrets of Women, 1952

Monika, 1953

Smiles of a Summer Night, 1955

The Seventh Seal, 1957

Wild Strawberries, 1957

The Magician, 1958