Foo Fighters’ Hilarious Activity-Book Tour Rider


By now, every semi-aware rock star has learned that his potentially embarrassing tour rider is bound to show up on the Smoking Gun sooner or later. So, if you can’t beat ’em, might as well entertain them. That’s the approach the Foo Fighters have taken with their new rider, which substitutes the traditional section on catering with a funny activity book detailing the band’s needs. Obviously culled from Dave Grohl’s 20+ years of tour experience, it decries such things as “promoter pasta,” “sweaty meat,” pre-packaged salad, and croissants (“This blows… even in France”) in favor of hearty meals, real vegetables, and recognizable brands of soda. The grand finale? A detailed guide to good and bad ice. Sure, it’s a smidge condescending. But if the intent was to entertain, then the Foos have succeeded — and it’s not like they come off sounding any worse than your average entitled entourage. Page through the “Foo Fighters Field Guide to Food: Coloring Book and Activity Pages” after the jump.

[The Smoking Gun via BuzzFeed]