Samuel L. Jackson Reads You a Bedtime Story for Adults


Even though it’s just hitting shelves today, chances are you’ve already heard plenty about Adam Mansbach’s profanity-laced children’s book for adults, Go the F*** to Sleep — in fact, maybe you were even one of those people who received a pirated PDF version of the book, helping to drive its pre-release buzz through the roof. The unconventional bedtime story — which was inspired by Mansbach’s own experiences with his daughter — has already spent 50 days in the Top 100 on, and is currently sitting pretty in the number two spot.

If you haven’t read Go the F*** to Sleep yet, and you’re curious as to what all the fuss is all about, you can currently download an audiobook version read by Samuel L. Jackson for free here. In even more exiting news, The Guardian reports that Werner Herzog is also working on a recording of the book that will be unveiled at an event at the New York Public Library. Based on previous spoofs of the auteur’s deadpan delivery, we’re expecting it will be hilarious.