Video of the Day: A Supercut of Other Actors Playing Woody Allen


Woody Allen isn’t always the protagonist in his movies — in fact, in recent years, he’s often declined to appear onscreen at all — but we’d be hard pressed to come up with one of his films that does feature the Woody Allen Character. You know him: the neurotic, stammering, death-obsessed artist type who’s always complaining about pseudo-intellectuals. He’s been played by everyone from Kenneth Branagh to Jason Biggs. Owen Wilson is the latest actor to play Woody, in the delightful Midnight in Paris, and the role even fell to a woman once — Rebecca Hall in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Now, the folks at Filmdrunk have put together a supercut of other actors assuming Allen’s mannerisms. Watch “A Retrospective of Woody Allen Surrogates” after the jump.