Liam Neeson to Reprise ‘Batman Begins’ Role in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?


The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman film, is in production at the moment -– it’s due out in July next year. Unsurprisingly, Warner Bros. are keeping pretty much all the details under wraps, making for an infuriating wait for fans who want to know how Nolan’s going to draw his trilogy to an end. However, one intriguing piece of news has just leaked out –- apparently Liam Neeson was on set this Monday, reprising his role as Ra’s al Ghul from Batman Begins. There’s been word on the street for a while that The Social Network‘s Josh Pence is playing a younger version of the same character, but this is the first indication that Neeson is returning, and it’s interesting because as far as we can remember, Ra’s al Ghul died at the end of Batman Begins. Further details are pretty much non-existent at this point -– but for now, the plot, as they say, thickens. [via Hitfix.]