Best Friends: An Art Show Inspired by Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson


Did you have any idea that Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson were the best of friends? Outside of the occasional collaboration, neither did we, but we suppose that this celebrity odd couple makes more sense when you consider their shared passion for making music, smoking weed, and rocking braids. Inspired by the idea of the legends as BFFs, Los Angeles-based R&R Gallery is hosting a new group show called Willie & Snoop which opens on June 24th. In the meantime, they’ve kindly allowed us to preview some of the images that will be on display. Click through to check them out.

Chico, Snoop Dogg

cw, Willie

Greg Shirilla, For Willie’s Sake!

Ian Bragg, I Gotta Get Drunk

Kube, S-N-double-O-P-D-O-double-G

Robyn Shinn, Baby Willie

Steven Van, In the meantime with Snoop Dogg

Travis Shinn, Snoop

Trent Call, Snoop as Willie and Willie as Snoop

Wotto, Snoop Dogg