Image Gallery: The Darkly Brilliant Illustrations of Paul X. Johnson


A woman in a post-apocalyptic landscape sees a moment of beauty. A couple on a tropical island watches an ocean liner sink into a black sea. A woodcutter becomes the home he has taken from the birds. UK-based illustrator Paul X. Johnson, whose work we recently came across over at booooooom, creates images that seem plucked straight from grim fairytales, his characters deftly realized in shades of black and gray. Though each illustration creates its own distinct world, as a set they all seem part of a slightly skewed universe, a strange, quiet place of deadened colors, slick lines and blank faces. Click through to see some of our favorite images from Johnson’s portfolio, and be sure to check out his website for even more. If you’re like us and you’re head over heels for this guy, you can even buy a print of his work for your very own.