Who Wore It Better: Lady Gaga or Weird Al?


Because we are nerds, “Weird Al” Yankovic’s album Alpocalypse — in stores tomorrow — is among our most anticipated releases of the summer. So, naturally, we’re thrilled to start our Monday morning with the brand-new video for Al’s Lady Gaga parody, “Perform This Way.” Although it’s noticeably less extravagant that “Born This Way,” Al (who also directed the video) certainly knows how to make us laugh, pasting his head on a lady’s body and cycling through 24 ridiculous outfits. Although some looks are entirely original (hello, octopus tentacles and Taj Mahal hat) and a few spoof other pop-culture icons (Katy Perry’s eyes dress, Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka), Weird Al also recreates quite a few signature Gaga looks. Watch the video after the jump, and follow along as we decide who wore it better — from the bubble dress to the meat dress — after the jump.

“Weird Al” Yankovic — “Perform This Way”

Who wore it better?

Point: Gaga. Weird Al’s version of her “Born This Way” video underpants looks like what it probably is — a cheap imitation.

Point: Weird Al. The “Sale” tag is a nice detail.

Point: Gaga — because those gold chains look heavy!

Point: Weird Al. First of all, watch the video and read his “Caution” tape. Also, combining Gaga’s “Telephone” tape with her “Alejandro” wimple? Brilliant.

Point: Gaga. Grim Reaper we’ve seen. Mexican Day of the Dead skull with cotton-candy pink My Little Pony Hair? Not so much.

Point: Uhhhh… Madonna? Also, burn.

Point: Weird Al. Because his straight jacket is metallic. Even Gaga would gladly concede this one.

Point: Gaga. Hers looks fresher.

Winner: Gaga, but only by one point. Well done, Al, and good game to all.

And now, a gratuitous selection of our favorite Weird Al originals: