Amazing Composite Street Photographs of New York City


For every one of his fantastic shots, photographer Peter Funch stakes out a busy New York City street corner, capturing hundreds of moments over the course of several weeks from the same spot. Then, he digitally combines real scenes into one surreal super scene. Suddenly, all the people who passed him while dressed in black re-appear simultaneously. Every single person in Times Square is a picture-snapping tourist. Everyone on a Lower East Side street has a little dog. Everyone is yawning. Everyone has balloons. The happenings in his “fictional documentary” series Babel Tales aren’t lies, they’re truths exaggerated. Enjoy the views in our gallery.

Peter Funch, Care Taker

Peter Funch, Hommage a Fischer

Peter Funch, En Passant

Peter Funch, Informing Informers

Peter Funch, Following Followers

Peter Funch, Emperic Empire

Peter Funch, Memory Lane

Peter Funch, Posing Posers

Peter Funch, Screaming Dreamers

Peter Funch, Exigent State

Peter Funch, Pantone Pantomime

Peter Funch, Hommage a Ellis

Peter Funch, Mass Transit

Peter Funch, Smoking Smokers

Peter Funch, Communicating Community

Peter Funch, Juveline Bliss