Reimagined Posters for Classic 1970s Films


First, a disclaimer: We’re of the opinion that it would be impossible for anyone to outdo the original poster for Annie Hall. The image of Annie and Alvy standing face-to-face is perfect in its simplicity. That said, we’re always happy to see artists engage in a little cinematic homage. Such is the case with LWL70, an exhibition of reimagined 1970s film posters commissioned by Little White Lies , a British film magazine, that are currently on display at the East London-based Kemistry Gallery. Click through to view some of our favorite work from the show, and if you like what you see, snap up an affordable art print in the online shop.

Annie Hall. Image credit: Craig Redman

A Clockwork Orange. Image credit: Von

Alien. Image credit: Joe Wilson

Apocalypse Now. Image credit: Paul Willoughby

Suspiria. Image credit: Jesse Auersalo

Cabaret. Image credit: Malika Favre

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Image credit: Autumn Whitehurst

Serpico. Image credit: Jimmy Turrell

Eraserhead. Image credit: Ian Wright

Soylent Green. Image credit: Siggi Eggertsson