Rate-A-Trailer: Michael Cera’s Paper Heart


The trailer for Paper Heart hit the web earlier this week, and we think it’s all sorts of magical, albeit not in a Where The Wild Things Are sort of way. Winner of this year’s Sundance Film Festival’s Waldo Salt Award for Best Screenplay (uh, did we mention the film was mainly unscripted and improv?), it features Michael Cera, whose awkward-lanky-white-boy-with-over sized-headphones-you-didn’t-notice-from-high school shtick still makes us laugh. But the real reason we want to see the flick is his co-director/lead actress, who’s about to blow up — Charlyne Yi. Not that we’re plucking her out of obscurity. She’s already an IndieWire darling: “If the great comedian Bob Newhart had an Asian American love child it would be Charlyne Yi.”

The premise is basic: Charlyne’s filming a documentary about how she doesn’t believe in Love, wherein she talks to people on the subject across the country road trip-style. Does she fall in love with Cera in the film version? Probably. But the twee-liteful trailer (which as Vulture notes features a “frightening number of sensitive-indie-film clichés… dioramas, quirky acoustic-guitar riffs, hoodies, and ironic outings to the bowling alley”) feels like a sweet take on the often corny subject of love — paper, not plastic! Even if the A.V. Club thinks the soundtrack sounds like “a chorus of baby leprechauns gently farting,” we’ll still be counting the days ’til the August release.

Our favorite part is a little girl’s response to her ideal date: “Take somebody to Applebee’s and get them hot wings!” Now that’s our kind of love. Watch the trailer below and share yours in the comments.