Listen to an Album by Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon’s Daughter


Here’s something that probably won’t surprise you about Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon’s 16-year-old daughter, Coco Gordon Moore: She’s a tall, gorgeous blonde who knows how to front a freaking rock ‘n’ roll band. We had the pleasure of seeing her perform back in the fall, as part of a combo called She Murders at a tribute concert for Kathleen Hanna; Coco sang a reverent and energetic version of Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl.”

Now, Pitchfork points us to Coco’s other band, Big Nils, whose debut album, Sibling, is streaming on their Bandcamp site. For $5, you can download it. The eight-song recording is pure, skronky, adolescent punk, featuring one song about STDs (“You got the herpes/ What you gonna do about it?”) and an eyebrow-raising number about a mother-daughter relationship (“Deep Dark Death”). Speaking of moms, what’s sure to make the biggest impression on Sonic Youth fans is just how much frontwoman Coco sounds like Kim — although she evidently prefers a tortured scream to Gordon’s signature ice-cold whisper.