Train Vow to Become Jimmy Buffett of Wine


Would you drink something called Drops of Jupiter? What if it were an “absolutely delicious 2009 Petite Sirah,” kissed with boysenberry and manufactured by Train’s own company, Save Me San Francisco Wine? The band best known for “Hey, Soul Sister” (you know, that song you keep hearing in commercials) will begin selling bottles next week, partially via their wine club (oh yes, it exists).

As guitarist Jimmy Stafford explained to Billboard , this is all part of Train’s plan to unite people who love listening to Train while sipping wine outdoors — you know, as opposed to the folks who like to blast Jimmy Buffett while sucking down tropical drinks on their pontoon boats. “Really, it goes in hand with our wine club, and I guess what we set out to do was kind of like Jimmy Buffett. Jimmy Buffett got known for margaritas because of a song he wrote. … It almost created this community vibe,” Stafford said. “We’re trying to create just this little vibe, where people come to our shows, bring a picnic basket and bottle of wine.” Hey, at least they know their audience.