New 7up Bottles Are Actually Kind of Cool


There’s really no comparing plastic soda bottles to their glass predecessors. But if we must drink our high fructose corn syrup-packed beverages out of synthetic containers, they may as well be nice to look at. Coca-Cola, the most iconic of all soft drinks, has tried out a variety of designs over the years, eventually settling on an updated version of its classic “contour bottle.” Coke’s competitor, the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group — which owns 7up and Canada Dry, among other brands — had been using the same “Splash” bottle design since 1995. Now, they’ve adopted a new “Legacy” model that UnBeige describes as having “a more sports drink look.” We’re not sure what makes it “sportier” than the earlier design, but we actually find its clean curves and smaller label pretty aesthetically appealing (perhaps because the bottom half so closely resembles Coke’s current bottles). What do you think?