Video Game Icons Invade Classic Paintings


He might not be the first artist to think of the idea, but we find Guil­laume Colomb’s mash-ups of classic paintings with video game characters — which is his response to the great “video games as art” debate — thoroughly amusing. While the project doesn’t exactly provide the viewer with a clear answer, the Photoshop work is well executed; you’ll likely be surprised by how at home Mario, Pac-Man, and Princess Peach look hanging out in these masterpieces. Click through for a few of our favorites from the series.

Guil­laume Colomb, PacMiro

Guil­laume Colomb, The Rabbit Revelation

Guil­laume Colomb, Mario Nymphea

Guil­laume Colomb, Peach on a Beach

Guil­laume Colomb, Little Big Infant

[via Design You Trust]