‘Midnight in Paris’ Isn’t Even One of Woody Allen’s Top 10 Hits


Everyone should see Woody Allen’s newest movie, Midnight in Paris: It’s a smart and funny escape to the Paris of classic cinema and ’20s literature — and a lesson about the dangers of nostalgia. It’s easily our favorite film of his since the ’80s, and it deserves all the success it’s having. But don’t believe everything you read about it. Although many media outlets have reported that the film is on track to be Allen’s biggest box office hit since Hannah and Her Sisters, the actual numbers aren’t that simple. As Entertainment Weekly points out, when you adjust Allen’s grosses for inflation, Midnight in Paris comes in at #20 with $23.3 million — and a handful of his post-Hannah films sneak in above it. Of course, the movie is still in theaters, so it may well keep rising in the ranks. But for now, its popularity still pales in comparison to Annie Hall and Manhattan, both of which would have cracked $125 million in 2011 dollars. Click over to EW for a list of Allen’s real top ten hits.